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Facial / Skin Treatment
Facial/Skin Treatment


Organic Botanical Facial - 60 min $80
This organic botanical facial is designed to enhance hydration and brighten the skin without parabens, colors, fragrances and hydroquinone. This dynamic treatment begins with a sugarberry cleanser followed by a pumpkin and yam enzyme designed to leave your skin smooth and radiant. Herbal peptides nourish and repair the skin allowing the essence of fine botanicals to bring out your natural beauty.

European Escape Facial - 60 min $80
Escape to another world by experiencing a deep cleansing, exfoliation and extraction facial designed to address the specific needs of your skin type. This purifying treatment includes a gentle exfoliating peel to remove dull surface skin cells, a luxurious massage, a deep-cleansing masque with botanical extracts to rejuvenate and nourish the skin.

Skin Lightening Facial Treatment - 60 min $80
A dynamic treatment designed to reduce hyper-pigmentation caused by exposure to the sun, hormones and acne. The Green Tea contains Lactic Acid providing an aggressive exfoliation while leaving the skin tone radiant.

Deep Pore Cleansing Facial - 40 min $50
Deeply cleanse and exfoliate impurities to restore the skin to its balanced state.

Gentlemen’s Facial - 60 min $80
A deep-cleansing, therapeutic facial designed specifically for the special skin care needs of men. Relaxes the skin as it refines pores. Includes a luxurious facial massage and deep-cleansing masque. Specifically addresses razor burns and sensitive skin.

Acne Management Facial - 60 min $85
Acne is one of the most common skin problems. This facial treats acne, acne scarring and pigmentation. This treatment dries the lesions, soothes the inflammations and clears blemishes.

Multi-Power Vitamin Facial - 60 min $85
Provides a micro exfoliation of dead skin cells in the upper layer of the skin and a nourishing cocktail of vitamins and conditioning agent to greatly improve the skin’s elasticity, tone, and texture. are greatly improved. Specifically for dry, sun damaged and aging skins.

Anti-Aging Facial - 60 min $90
This facial utilizes special anti-aging products focused on regenerating skin cells, repairing fine lines, and strengthening the protective layer. AHA lifts away dead cells, lightens dark spots, and retextures skin suffering from visible signs of aging. Licorice and beta-glucan together protect the skin from damage and inhibit collagen degradation and the formation of age spots. Our specialized anti-aging mask contains Vitamin C which aids in the stimulation of collagen production.

Neck and Décolleté Lift and Firm -60 min $100
Brighten, smooth, firm, hydrate and protect one of the most sensitive areas of the body.

Dermal Flash Peel with Firm and Lift 80 min - $120
This amazing treatment begins with a thorough cleansing followed by a deep heating exfoliation peel. Next, a firm and lift mask is applied. As it dries, a pleasant pulsating and tightening sensation occurs as enzymes, protcins, DNA and plant collagen penetrates botanical cellular deep into the skin. After the mask is removed, a botanical cellular recovery serum is applied, leaving the skin feeling youthful and balanced. Recommended for maximum results in a series.

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