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Microzone Treatments
Microzone Treatments


These 25 minutes services are designed for client who wants a quick and targeted solution to an immediate skin care concern. Microzone treatments are ideal for solving skin care concerns between professional skin care treatments. It’s perfect to fit the clients’ busy schedule.

Microdermabrasion $45
A mechanical non-invasive form of skin exfoliation to remove the dead layers of skin along with skin impurities, which enhances product penetration and improves the appearance of the skin.

Microzone Flash Exfoliation $45
Resurface and brighten skin to help diminish the appearance of fine lines and improve elasticity.

Microzone Blackhead Relieft $45
Extract, clear current breakouts and prevent future breakouts.

Microzone Eye Rescue $45
For brighter and firmer eyes, soothe irritation and revitalize tired eyes.

Microzone Rapid Spot Clearning $45
Expedite the clearing process of breakouts, help skin recover from inflamed lesions.

Microzone Hand Repair $45
Instant hydration and repair for dry, chapped or prematurely-aging hands.

Microzone Men’s Skin Fitness $45
Resurface, brighten, clearing current problem.

Microzone Oil Control $45
Deep cleansing and purifying oily skin.

Microzone Moisture Boost $45
Rehydrate a tight and dry skin

Microzone Age Management $45

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